Nanxin Pipe Industry teaches you to distinguish between ppr pipes

2018-12-27 11:52

Correctly distinguishing the pros and cons of ppr pipe has always been a concern of consumers. In order to ensure the rights and interests of consumers and help consumers to identify the authentic ppr pipes from the shape and feel, Nanxin Pipeline summarized the following methods.
1. Mark: Check the label content of the pipe, generally including the manufacturer name (trademark) of the ppr pipe, product name, type, specification size, production date, batch number, quality certification, etc.
2, wall thickness: see whether it is strictly in accordance with the national standard GB/T18742.2-2002, using the caliper amount standard;
3, color: good ppr tube village looks milky white (not all white), the surface is smooth (not smooth), soft touch, no impurities;
4, light transmission: good ppr pipe is completely opaque, pseudo PPR pipe is light or semi-transparent;
5, sound: high-quality pipe floor sound is more dull, inferior pipe floor sound is more crisp.
Correctly distinguish the difference of ppr pipe, through this article, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding. The true ppr pipe should comply with the standard ISO/DIS 15874.2-1999 "Plastic pipe system for hot and cold water - PP second part pipe". The performance of the pseudo-ppr pipe is not able to pass the above criteria. It is worth noting that the service life of inferior pipes is only 1-5 years, and the service life of high quality ppr pipe fittings is more than 50 years.