Advantages of solar professional ppr pipe

2021-03-24 11:07

The solar-powered ppr pipe is a high-end pipe series that was born following the development of the economic development and pipe industry. Nanxin Pipe Industry specializes in the production of high-performance ppr pipe series products and solar energy special pipe series products, which maintain the advantages of ordinary ppr pipe. On the basis of performance, it also makes up for the main deficiencies of other pipes used in hot water, making the product's performance more perfect.
The solar-powered ppr pipe has high temperature resistance and no deformation, and the long-term use temperature can reach -40-110 degrees, which not only improves the temperature of the medium used, but also reduces the thickness of the heat-insulating material. It has good flexibility, good impact resistance and high safety. Compared with PEX and PB pipelines, it is easy to lay and economical. It is a green product that can be recycled and reused without polluting the environment.
Advantages of Nanxin ppr pipe brand 1. High-quality raw materials, 2. Advanced production equipment, 3. Mature technology and experience, 4. Long-term stable product qualification test results, 5. Long-term maintenance of international authority testing and supervision institutions .
Nanxin Pipe Industry Solar PPR pipe adopts the best grade raw materials and never adds recycled raw materials. Moreover, it introduces advanced production technology at home and abroad, greatly improves the production process, and produces ppr pipe fittings with uniform wall thickness, smooth inner wall and beautiful appearance. Light weight, good flexibility and corrosion resistance. It is especially suitable for high temperature resistance in pressure pipelines. It can be used at 95 °C for a long time, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 110 °C.