Ppr pipe fittings have become the material of choice for water supply due to their perfect performance

2015-08-13 10:59

PPR pipe fittings are used as health and environmental protection pipes in the home water supply field. Their application performance is perfect. The main material is polypropylene. It is a material with architectural environmental performance. It is a series of pipes that combine high purity and many good performances. PPR pipe is not only one of the main pipelines for domestic water supply and industrial water supply, but also can be used as a water supply pipeline, a drinking water pipeline, and a chemical industry product.
As a drinking water pipeline, PPR pipe not only considers its hygienic performance and environmental performance, but also because it has good external force such as pulling, pressing, bending, shearing and impact. Each PPR pipe fitting will face some external forces. The main external forces are tensile, compression, bending, shearing, impact, friction, high temperature, resistance and other external forces. Under these external forces, the PPR pipe must ensure quality and Stable performance, then a certain degree of good performance is required, which is to have a certain degree of strength and hardness, but also a certain degree of plasticity and toughness, which is to show the good mechanical properties of high quality PPR pipe.
As the material of choice in the water supply field, PPR pipe fittings not only have good mechanical properties, but also are excellent chemical performance integrators. PPR pipe can also be used for the transportation of some liquids in the chemical industry. It not only shows its good corrosion resistance and high mature process, but also has good stability, high precision and high reliability.