Chen Xinhai: "Looking at the trademark as heavy as life"

2011-07-02 10:54

Chen Xinhai is very proud. The store man who made this suit is not proud of the company’s sales breakthrough, but the “Nanxin” trademark that he personally designed. In the two-hour conversation between reporters and Chen Xinhai, Chen talked about equity and talked about the difficulty of starting a business, but more often he left most of his time with trademarks. He said that he likes the trademark he has designed and registered 15 years ago. It is not unsatisfactory in words, because it is the earlier registered trademark of SMEs. It is said that this trademark, which looks like a flying bird, was in the evening of a certain day of the year 15 years ago. Chen suddenly thought of it on the sofa at home and immediately jumped up and painted the trademark himself. This birth is a sudden brand. Nowadays, it is spread all over the South New Factory. The factory in the industrial area of ​​the store is from the wall to the banner, all of which promotes its own trademark. The trademark brought a lot to Chen Xinhai. He said that once he went to the northeast for a business trip, an operator used his products all the time, which made him very moved and strengthened his trademark awareness. Today, Chen Xinhai's company is not big at the store, but Chen has always believed that the company's development will be as stable as life. Compared with many store-mouth enterprises that have begun to pay attention to trademarks, Chen Xinhai is obviously a person who eats crabs earlier. Not only is it a trademark awareness, but in corporate culture and corporate value building, Chen always has his own ancestors. The misunderstood ○R in the middle of March, Haikou Business Hotel, also a certain night, Chen Hailiang has been telling the reporter about the history of the trademark in a certain room. Just one night in 1995, Chen Xinhai was lying on the sofa and reading a book. Suddenly, a bird flying picture flashed through his mind. "Isn't this a sign of Nanxin?" Chen Xinhai later told reporters about the first reaction at the time. At that time, Chen and his wife opened a husband and wife factory, and even the employees added up to five or six people. Although it is not a "cottage" factory, enterprises of this size, in the eyes of many shopkeepers at the time, reasonably said, should be busy making money, rather than busy "doing corporate brand building." Ever since, Chen Xinhai drew a flash of the picture that night, and on the second day, he asked the local friend who had a better painting to "paint the birds more vividly". At this time, the shop is not uncommon, but the mountain town that has not yet been separated from the small-scale peasant economy has no more understanding of the trademark. Only the pioneers such as Hailiang and Dunan have their own trademarks. Like many people, during the period of starting a business, they are always full of passion and get a sketch of the trademark that still carries the local flavor. Chen Xinhai is very excited and still not satisfied. So, then he rushed to Hangzhou to find a professional advertising company to design the trademark of his company. In this way, the non-registered version of the Nanxin trademark was born. Chen Xinhai said that the reason why it was so fast to design trademarks was because it had been reading foreign books, and foreign trademark awareness has benefited a lot. What impressed Chen most was the example of the Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company said that even if all the factories closed down due to accidents, the company could resume production immediately the next day. “Because of the brand value, all banks are willing to lend money to Coca-Cola”. The potential value of the trademark makes Chen Xinhai very excited. Nanxin's English letters constitute a flying bird, with a red dandelion on it. Chen Xinhai hopes that his company will flourish and create higher every day. the value of. Chen Xinhai, who is constantly talking, said that at that time he secretly made a determination to let the bird fly to the world. History has remembered this moment. In 1996, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce informed that its trademark registration was successful, and it took about a year before and after the application of the trademark to the successful registration. Speaking of the registration process, Chen said that there is still a history. Because he did not understand the registration process, Chen specially consulted Yao Xinyi of Dunan for the whole process. In 1995, Chen applied for registration of this trademark, not only registered the graphics, including Chinese, Pinyin all registered together, "do not give imitators any chance." Today, Chen's trademarks and products are all over the world. Today, Nanxin has registered Nanxin trademarks in more than 30 countries around the world. Generally speaking, where the products are sold, the trademarks are registered there. After the trademark registration, Chen Xinhai began to brand a Nanxin brand on his own products. Another interesting thing was that the shopkeepers who knew the outside world at the time ran over and asked him: What does this mean? Is it a code name? Nowadays, this repeatedly misunderstood has already penetrated into the heart of the store owner. Trademark = life? After the trademark is registered, the use of trademarks to enhance the brand's popularity is the next step. In Chen Xinhai's view, it is necessary to do a good job in product brand management. At that time, brand management was also relatively simple in the eyes of Chen Xinhai, that is, "we definitely don't cut corners." At that time, there were many phenomena in the market, and Nanxin stepped out of the first step of quality and quantity. This is only the first step in building a brand. Chen said that in order to be worthy of the Nanxin trademark, he has been making unremitting efforts in product development, customer service, and innovation. “Perfect quality, innovative power”, Chen said that Nanxin should be built into a century-old store. “The quality of any product is worthy of the trademark of Nanxin”. In order to be worthy of this trademark, Chen Xinhai said that the pollution is “not done” and turned to more high-tech products. For example, in 1996, it eliminated the copper stove, and in fact, this furnace can Earn money and money. The continuous breakthrough has made Nanxin many products occupy the leading position in the industry, and also makes the brand of Nanxin famous in the industry. Nanxin is synonymous with the high-end of similar products on the market. Once Chen Xinhai went on a business trip to the Northeast, a worker who had been in the industry for more than 10 years learned that he was very happy when he came from Nanxin. "We know that this brand is good." Today, Nanxin trademark is already a famous trademark of Shaoxing City, a famous trademark of Zhuji City, a well-known trademark of China, and an old Chinese plumbing brand. This is not common in the store. The benefits of the trademark to Nanxin are obviously not small. "If you don't make a trademark 15 years ago, it may not be as big as it is now, and the intangible assets are not as big as it is now." Chen Xinhai said that most of the companies in the store now have their own trademarks. But the trademark is even more significant for Chen Xinhai. "I see the trademark as heavy as life." He actually did the same.